According to historians, the Cham people lived in Central Vietnam from the 2nd century to the 15th century. They had developed three important sites:  Tra Kieu City – the first capital of the Cham; My Son temple complex; Dong Duong Buddhism Sanctuary . Nowadays, Tra Kieu and Dong Duong were collapsed completely due to the war and time. Only My Son Sanctuary is open for tourists.
My Son has the cluster of temples of the ancient Cham, about 40km from Hoi An ancient town. The Cham Kings built it for worshipping the Hindu’s Gods. It brings together more than 70 architectural works which most of them are temples. This sanctuary is sacred following the Hindu culture and Champa. My Son was also recognized by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage in 1999 by its uniqueness of the architecture and the cross cultural features for centuries.