Hue Festival 2020 – should not miss

Hue Festival will take place between 1st April to the 6th April 2020 in Hue, Vietnam. The unmissable biennial event includes cultural and contemporary performances from both Vietnam and around the world.

About Hue Festival 2020

Hue Festival 2020 is to mark the 20-year milestone of Vietnam’s first internationally-acclaimed event of culture, arts, and tourism. With its theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development; Hue: Always Something New to Discover”, Hue festival 2020 continues to reap the rewards of ten previous editions to deliver festival-goers a new way of experiencing culture, history, and arts.

Elaborate performances will be staged at historical venues around Hue, including the Hue Citadel and An Dinh Palace.

During the six-day festival, there will also be street parades, sampan racing, the thundering of drums and trumpets, art exhibitions and the country’s historical films,  a cuisine fair, performances from international artists from five continents and much more to look forward to.

7 key event at the Hue festival 2020

The Grand Opening Ceremony – 20:00, April 1, 2020: casting a spotlight on traditional and contemporary cultural values of the ancient capital city, Vietnam and many countries around the world.

The spectacle “Royal Hue’s Essence” – 20:00, April 3, 2020: reimagining the quintessences of national history and civilization by Hue royal art masterpieces.

Ao Dai Fashion Show – 20:00, April 4, 2020: The iconic national dress will be back to the stage in the poetic landscape of Hue with latest collections by Vietnam’s top fashion designers.

Trinh Cong Son’s Music Concert – 20:00, April 5, 2020: A story retells love and life through the treasured musical heritage of the late composer Trinh Cong Son.

Cuisine-fest: “Hue – Culinary Capital”: April 1 to 6, 2020: presenting the essence of Hue cuisine – idyllic & casual yet elaborate & sophisticated.

Street Parades: “Cultural Colors” – 16:30, from April 2 to 6, 2020: The audience are more up-close and connected to the artists in a performing space spreading over a great part of the city, all can soak up the festive atmosphere full of joy and excitement.

The Closing Ceremony – 20:00, April 6, 2020.

Hue Festival 2020 with Tailor-made tour from Committed Travel

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