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How to get a visa to Vietnam? Traveler latest updates tips 2020

Nowadays, Visa for Vietnam has been improved in the procedure and less frustration for travelers. You can also easily apply for a visa on arrival online or in person at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate. Below is all the information...

Top 10 best festival in Vietnam you should miss updates 2020

One of the best ways to make sure that your trip to Vietnam is an unforgettable one is to plan it around the time of the festivals celebrated in the country. We will list for you top 10 best festivals...

Top 5 dishes not-to-be-missed when traveling Da Nang-Hoi An

I went to Da Nang-Hoi An several times and was very impressed with the unique cuisine here. Careful and meticulous from preparation to processing has created dishes with rich flavors, which is nowhere to be found. In this article, I...

Best place to visit Vietnam in December from North to South

December is the most beautiful time to visit Vietnam. Let's check with Committed Travel for the best places to visit in Vietnam in December in this article. What is the weather in December in Vietnam? The North of Vietnam in...

9 travel tips to keep in mind before coming to Vietnam

Vietnam is known as one of the countries with many beautiful landscapes, attracting foreign visitors. But many international friends are still not really well prepared before the trip to fully explore and experience here. Grasping that mentality, this article will...

Hue Festival 2020 – should not miss

Hue Festival will take place between 1st April to the 6th April 2020 in Hue, Vietnam. The unmissable biennial event includes cultural and contemporary performances from both Vietnam and around the world. About Hue Festival 2020 Hue Festival 2020 is...

Accommodation in Hue – Top 5 best homestay you should be to check in

If you are looking the accommodation in Hue, this post will share you top 5 homestays latest update 2019. We hope this information would be helpful to your next awesome trip to Hue. Where is Hue city? Hue city is...

Hue travel infomation: Tips for travelling in Hue in rainy and dry season

Hey guys. You are planning visit Hue? In this article we recommend a good bit of well-planned, self-directed travel.  That's are the tips (some of Hue travel infomation)  you need to know before traveling to Hue in rainy and dry...

When is the best time to visit Hoi An Acient Town?

Would you like to visit Hoi An when the weather is still warm but the tourist numbers are down? What is the best time to visit Hoi An Ancient Town? In this article from Committed Travel, we would like to...

When is the best time to visit Hue city in Vietnam?

What is the best time to visit Hue, In this article, we would like to tell you the best time to visit one of the must-visit destinations in Vietnam. You can explore the rich culture and history of this country.  Where is...
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