About Us

Who we are

Committed Travel Vietnam was founded in 2015 by members with over 15-year experience and have been working at various positions in travel and hospitality.This qualifies us to understand that traveler wishes a full of interesting insights into the country.

With love, passion and understandings of the local culture, we would love to bring local identities to travelers through five senses ofsound, sight, touch, smell and taste during trips. We put hearts into the work and demanding of ourselves the innovation, capability and responsibility.

Our mission

Our mission is the commitment to traveler as stated in the company name.

  • We are committed to meeting travel needs
  • We are committed to keeping promises
  • We are committed to creating differences

Our objective

We believe the difference makes the success; therefore, we are set to create the exclusive tourism products which will bring amazing experiencesin culture, people and scenery.


We do think that business must associate with the development of communities where our tourist activities are organized. It is a sustainable development for our business as well as the local community.

In the tour activities we involve local people whom most of them are individuals and households. We encourage them to think in a positive way and then support them to become local suppliers. By this way, we help to create jobs and improve income for locals; especially enhance the communication and awareness to conserve and promote local values.

Meet The Team

Jeanette Kingston

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Cooper

Vice President

John Smithy

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Sandler

Senior Engineer

Ricardo Gomez

HR Manager

James Smith

Chief Technology Officer